Fussy Lunch
"Fussy Lunch"



Osekkai Bentou

Also Known As

Ai Ueo (阿井上夫)






Rare Kind

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Special Power Negation



First Appearance
Manga Debut

Chapter 170

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"Fussy Lunch" (おせっかい弁当, Osekkai Bentou) is the leader of the Angels and is often referred to by them as "Headliner", and a childhood friend of Sakura Sakurakouji and Rei Ogami. In chapter 187 he claims his name is Aiueo, but this might have just been a joke.


Fussy Lunch is a slim guy with unkempt and spiky hair. He always appears with bentos in hand, regardless of the situation. He wears a white shirt with a jacket that is tied just above his right arm and around the left shoulder; slacks and Japanese traditional geta on his feet.




Lunch makes his first debut when he infiltrated to the Eden's HQ, along with the other Angels members before he found the right half miniature of Sakura Sakurakouji and Hiyori, then he came to challenging Code:Names and Code:Numbers.[1]

Challenging the Prime MinisterEdit

When the Code:Breakers arrive at Prime Minister Fujiwara's mansion, they find that "Fussy Lunch" has already arrived. However, as he talks with the Prime Minister, Kagerou appears and felled him with an attack. The Prime Minister then proceeded to use "Fussy Lunch"'s Rare Kind blood to partially unseal Pandora's Box.

When Sakura turned to her Death God mode, "Fussy Lunch" moved to prevent Ogami from returning her to normal, stating that Sakura was fated to take his side.



Power Users and HumansEdit

"Fussy Lunch", along with the rest of Angels, despises Power Users, especially Code:Emperor, for killing the Rare Kinds, and humans, who instigated Code:Emperor to cause December 32.

Rei Ogami and Sakura SakurakoujiEdit

Sometime before December 32, he, Ogami, and Sakura used to be good friends. At one point, he even tells Ogami that he wasn't that bad of a person after all. However, once the Code:Emperor began purging and killing the Rare Kinds, he killed the Power Users around him and ripped off Ogami's left arm.


On December 32, Lunch came to saved his Rare Kind's friends, whom in the future were members of Angels. He lead Angels with a plan to exterminate all the humans. He was respected and deeply cared by his companions.


"Fussy Lunch"'s relationship with Shibuya is unclear, but it is shown that he respects Shibuya's decision to stay neutral. He stops "Cat Boy" from attacking the Power Users because the school is a neutral zone.


  1. Chapter 170, page 3-19


  • He always carries many bentos (lunch boxes) with him and usually takes them out to eat any time and any place, regardless of the situation.

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