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First Appearance
Manga Debut

Chapter 163

"Freezing" Houkabe was one of Saechika's underlings and the Gate Keeper of Eden. He was a criminal recruited to help kill "rogue Power Users".



Houkabe was rather arrogant, stating that Yukihina would never be able to defeat him despite not knowing the full scope of Yukihina's powers.

He was cruel, using other people as human pillars that fueled his powers, then using them as sorts of hostages to keep the Code:Breakers from attacking him.


He approaches the group in Chapter 163, attacking them. His power is evidently greater than Yukihina's, due to his human pillars, which drain those trapped inside and slowly kills them. As the others try to avoid hurting the people, he mocks them and tells them to die.

When Yukihina slices through them, he shows surprise, but continues to laugh, stating that Yukihina's heart was frozen, but he would not be able to defeat Houkabe. His sentence is cut off, though, as he sustains an injury. Yukihina unveils his true ability, Water Form, which is much stronger than Houkabe's ice ability. Yukihina proceeds to turn Houkabe's body, made of ice, into water vapor; because water vapor takes up more volume, Houkabe would explode.

Realizing that his death was imminent, he begged for mercy, as Yukihina has "the compassion and sympathy, all of those qualities of a human heart ...", only for Yukihina to respond that he had no heart, and that he would never forgive Houkabe. Yukihina proceeds to use High Mist Death Scythe on Houkabe, killing him.

Special AbilityEdit

Ice Manipulation: The true name of his power was not revealed, but he could use ice to a degree even stronger than Yukihina's. However, because he was also fueling his power with the powers of other people whom he had defeated, his true strength is unknown.

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