Grand Divine Judgment
Episode 1
Episode 1
Kanji 大いなる神の審判
Romaji Ooi Naru Kami no Shinpan
English Grand Divine Judgment
Corresponding Chapters Witnessing the Beginning
The Ones Who Cannot be Forgiven
Episode Guide
The Blue Flowers Blooming on a Spiral of Flames
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Grand Divine Judgment (大いなる神の審判, Ooi Naru Kami no Shinpan) is the first episode of the Code:Breaker anime.


The episode begins with Sakura, who is sitting in a bus. There, she sees a boy burning people to ashes with blue fire. Alarmed, she runs to the bus driver, demanding him to stop. She manages to find a policeman, and they arrive at the crime scene, only to find nothing but burn marks on the ground. The following day at school, they're told of a new transfer student who is the same boy Sakura saw the night before in the park. Later Sakura gets beaten up.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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