Shibuya Mansion

Inoichi is a mechanical doll that protects Pandora's Box and resides in Shibuya's Mansion.


Inoichi has teal-colored hair and green eyes. She has the appearance of a young lady.

She wears a black dress, a jacket, long stockings, and Mary Janes.


A mechanical doll that was created in order to protect Sakura. Her purpose of living is to protect Sakura. Sakura had a flashback in chapter 66, which revealed that she knew Inochi and was protected by her before she was adopted by the Sakurakouji family. Sakura also remembers that Inochi always stayed by her side when she slept and Sakura always sat on her lap when she was a young girl.


The Angels

Several Inoichi dolls reappear with Yukihina and Sakurako Sakurakouji, restraining "Franken" using pure strength. They return Yuuki Tenpouin's and Rui Hachiouji's powers through kisses. The "real" Inoichi appears with Sakura, accompanying the group to Shibuya Mansion.


She is a machine that protects Sakura. She has the ability to "eat" ones powers. Inochi has shown to have a vast amount of strength. One example is when she punched both Toki and Yuuki sending them flying without much effort. Because of her mechanical body she is able to replace body parts that are damaged. She carries these in a suitcase. Since she is a doll she might also have a connection to Sakurako Sakurakouji.

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