This is a list of the volumes and chapters in the Code:Breaker manga.

Volume 1Edit

CB vol1
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
1 Witnessing the Beginning 1
2 The Ones Who Cannot be Forgiven 1
3 The Girl of Flame
4 Facing Tomorrow
5 The Wounded Devil
6 Hug Hug Hug!!
7 The Demon Comes

Volume 2Edit

Code Breaker vol2
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
8 A Rational Resistance
9 Fighting for Others
10 Walking into the Stormy Night
11 Unforgettable Number of People
12 The Condition of a Hero
13 Ogami's Secret
14 The Name of the Past and Present
15 The One on the Phone

Volume 3Edit

Code Breaker vol3
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
16 A Tearful Kanda
17 Here We Are! The Sakurakouji Mansion!
18 I Got Smaller!!
19 The Shaking Bond
20 The Restless Soul
21 The Days that Will Never Return
22 Secret Handshake
23 The Biggest Failure of Her Life

Volume 4Edit

Code Breaker vol4
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
24 The Prelude
25 The Dangerous Man
26 The Fujiwaras
27 The Choice Of Life
28 That Which She Does Not Want To Lose
29 The One Who Controls Light
30 The Oath to the Gravestones
31 The Demon's Wake

Volume 5Edit

Code Breaker vol5
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
32 Flame away
33 The Reversed Cross of Rebellion
34 The Close Yet Distant Relationship
35 Nyanmaru The Great Demon God
36 A New Start
37 More Important Than What's Important
38 The Real Nyan-maru
39 House Call To Ogami's Home

Volume 6Edit

Code Breaker vol6
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
40 A Dangerous and Magnificent Special Skill
41 The Fate of Numbers
42 The Requirement To Live On
43 Crimson Rage
44 An Admirable Joke
45 The Six 'Re-Code's
46 His True Identity
47 What He Longs For

Volume 7Edit

Code Breaker vol7
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
48 Life Sized Sadness
49 Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
50 You're The President
51 What He's Really Looking For
52 Restriction Uniform
53 In Between Irritation And Despair
54 The Normal Distance
55 The Concealed Intertwining Spiral
56 Courtesy Above All
57 Even Just a Little

Volume 8Edit

Code Breaker vol8
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
58 Throwing It All Away
59 The Subjacent Bitterness
60 The One Needed to be Handled with Care
61 The Ungone Past
62 The Incarnated Guardian
63 The Face Behind The Mask
64 The Second Mini
65 Inoichi

Volume 9Edit

Code Breaker vol9
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
66 The Top Priority
67 The Decisive Camp
68 Trap Carnival
69 A Farewell to The Past
70 Empress Paradox
71 The Code - Call of Trust
72 One's Whole Heart and Soul
73 Return of Kinshasha's Miracle?!
74 At The End of The Fierce Battle

Volume 10Edit

Code Breaker vol10
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
75 Beyond the Forbidden Door
76 The Demonic Smile
77 Pandora's Rhapsody
78 The Raw Appearance
79 The Azure Color of Supremacy
80 The Subtle and Profound World
81 Genuine Words
82 Liar
83 Happy Memorial Day

Volume 11Edit

Code Breaker vol11
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
84 Lost! Lost!! Lost!!!
85 With Emptiness and Gratitude
86 The Great Search at Shibuya Mansion
87 The Midnight Masquerade
88 May It Reach You Someday
89 A Chance Meeting A One-Armed Man
90 Weighing Life And Money
91 What Each Values
92 The Unknown World

Volume 12Edit

Code Breaker vol12
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
93 Obliterated Memories
94 Goodbye Shibuya Mansion
95 The Depressing Reunion
96 The Grand Wish of the Decreased
97 Revenger
98 Attack Threat
99 The True Farewell
100 The Lost Summer
101 The Lonesome Battle
102 First Encounter Rushing Back

Volume 13Edit

Code Breaker vol13
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
103 The Great Resolve
104 Friends
105 Shooting Fireworks
106 The Sin That Does Not Go Away
107 The Cost of Redemption
108 The Chain of Revenge
109 The Founding Generation
110 A Century of Old Truth
111 The Double Headed Flare

Volume 14Edit

Code Breaker vol14
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
112 The First Hug
113 Mitarashi Dango
114 The Very First and The Very Last Desire
115 Specialty Above Specialty
116 The Fascinating Joker
117 The Man Of War
118 Memorable Penguin
119 The Girl Who Races Through Time
120 The Unknown Little Dragon

Volume 15Edit

Code Breaker vol15
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
121 The Fragment Of Memories
122 The Resurrected Flame
123 The Hymn of Nyanmaru
124 The Unreceived Echo
125 The Path Which The Mark Shines
126 The Earthbound Stars
127 The Changing Heart
128 The Signal Of Their Return
129 The Frozen Time

Volume 16Edit

Code Breaker vol16
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
130 12 32
131 The First Hug
132 The Joker's Movement
133 The Proof of His Determination
134 His Final Words
135 His Words Back Then
136 The Flame of Ogami Rei
137 Not for Anyone's Sake
138 In Accordance with His First Earnestness

Volume 17Edit

Code Breaker vol17
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
139 The Bewildered Heat
140 The Everlasting Memories
141 Miracle Taboo
142 The Final Gauss Cannon
143 The Guardian, The Murderer, and The Strong
144 The Secret and Truth of the Man of Wonder
145 Kibou Festival!
146 Origin of the Kibou Festival
147 Bravery and Foolhardiness
148 The Stigma of X

Volume 18Edit

Code Breaker vol18
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
149 The Dark Side
150 Lesson from the Past
151 That Thing of Ogami
152 The God is Unreasonable
153 The Secret About Misoshiru
154 Four-Leaved Clovers
155 An Axe Kick
156 Right and Left of One Mind
157 Welcome Back
158 The Sad Identification Mark

Volume 19Edit

CB vol19
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
159 A White Requiem
160 Dream Player
161 The Transfigurations of Demons
162 The Sorrowful Catharsis
163 The Spirit of the Ablazed Ice
164 The Truth of Eden
165 The Collapse Beyond the Ray of Light
166 Little Protector God
167 Rui
168 An Alleviator

Volume 20Edit

CB vol20
# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
169 Unleash the Devil Eye
170 The Angels of December 32
171 The Game of Death
172 The Scum's Decision
173 The Trump Card of Ogami Rei
174 What Lies Beyond the Conflict
175 The End Result of Betrayal
176 Fussy Lunch
177 The Whisper Amid the Vast Prairie
178 With those Tremendous Hands

Volume 21Edit

# English Title Kanji and Romaji Anime Episode
179 The Trauma That Never Goes Away
180 Thump Badump
181 Strawberry and Lemon
182 Until That Day
183 The Targeted School
184 Reaching Out for the Mirage
185 Like Crossing the Rubicon
186 Rhapsody of Memories
187 The Sports Day!!
188 Teamwork

Chapters Not Yet in a VolumeEdit

# English Title Kanji and Romaji
189 Not There
190 Passing Feelings
191 Mutual Bewitching of the Fox and Demon
192 The Sports Festival's Last Battle
193 Repugnance
194 The Righteous Justice
195 1/200 Miracle
196 The Reason to Be
197 The Cross of Maria
198 Passing the Baton of Kindness
199 The New Demon King
200 The One Who Governs Over Envy
201 The Return of the Emperor
202 The Last One
203 Zed the Hero
204 The Pledge of Immorality
205 Sakura's Frustration
206 Toki's Feelings
207 The Hidden Truth
208 Hidden Feelings
209 Day of Resurrection
210 I Am Me
211 Assembly of the Gods
212 Mitarashi Family
213 The Devil's Grin
214 Location of the Miracle
215 The Flame of Imprisonment
216 Firelit Shadow of Self-Denial
217 The Determination                                             

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