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Sakurakouji Yuki

Sakurakouji Parents

Yuki Sakurakouji



Goutoku Sakurakouji (Husband)
Sakura Sakurakouji
(Adoptive Daughter)



Voice Actors

Hikami Youko

Yuki Sakurakouji is Sakura's adoptive mother and is Goutoku's wife.


Yuki is rather petite and youthful, and is easily mistaken as Sakura's younger sister. She has wavy, light brown hair and darker brown eyes. She cosplays frequently wearing a school uniform, police detective outfit, and much more.


Yuki is caring for other, especially her daughter. When Sakura invited the others over, Yuki provided them with meals and a serperate room. She is very protective of Sakura-chan displayed in the manga when Sakura was calling her the inform her that she'll be staying with Ogami and the others. In return Ogami got a text from Yuki saying that she will kill him if anythings happens to Sakura. Also telling him to stay away from her.



After Sakura's biological parents abandoned her. Sakura's biological mother had distant relatives takes care of her, Yuki and Goutoku. Yuki has been taking care of Sakura since she was abandoned.



Yuki's husband is Goutoku and Sakura is their adoptive daughter from a distant relative. It was mentioned in the manga that Sakurako had distant relatives take care of Sakura. So that signals us that Yuki and Goutoku were distant relatives with Sakurako. 

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